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Promotional Idea

June 7th, 2018

I have been thinking, a lot, on how to promote artwork from FAA. I want to obviously promote my own artwork, but thought that would be self centered of me, so I have been thinking of ways to actively promote, not only myself but others. So I welcome any input on this idea! We have a mall near where we live and it is looking for more businesses to open up at their location. I thought of setting up a kiosk, since they have those spaces available as well. My idea is to promote FAA at the kiosk, stating that I will help them look for artwork to purchase, at no cost for the service of locating the artwork. The agreement would be that I would show them my artwork and if there is nothing that interests them in my artwork, we would do a search of other artwork on FAA, using their interests. I am thinking that this would get immediate exposure of my artwork and also of artwork for other members on FAA. Hopefully, eventual sales of my artwork would begin to pay for the rental space, and others on FAA, would reap the benefit as well!

I am interested in any input that anyone might have concerning this!

Still here

March 19th, 2012

Hello again! I am still here and still working on new art projects. I have been purchasing some of my own prints and selling them myself! This has been productive and it is fun to see my prints finished! I have to say that I find the quality of the prints I get from FAA are amazing! Once I get them, they are very hard to part with. Well, back to creating!!!!

Arielle Photoshoot

August 25th, 2011

Arielle Photoshoot

Tomorrow I will be doing a photoshoot with another beautiful young woman! We will battle the heat of the Arizona desert and come up with some great shots!

8/25/2011 I thought that I would just update this blog and show you one of the images that came out of this shoot!

Mid Summer Heat

July 22nd, 2011

As the summer blazes on, I have trodded along awaiting a less hot day, to go out and shoot some beautiful outdoors shots. The heat is a real deterrent for having that ambition. I think that a road trip to the mountains is in dire need. Be looking for some moutainous art here soon.

Fourth of July

July 4th, 2011

Fourth of July

This is a wonderful time of year to celebrate and remember our countries freedom, in the United States. Don't let the Fourth of July be the last celebration you get to experience. Don't let your thinking get clouded with much celebration. Think responsibly before you act! Have a wonderful and fun Fourth of July!


June 30th, 2011

Art Prints

Beginning a New Adventure

June 28th, 2011

Beginning a New Adventure

I have decided to branch out into an adventure that caused me to be first interested in photography. It is funny because I was always the person who did not really know how to use the camera. I was the person who always had a giant flash in the corner of his image. It wasn't until years later, that I discovered that if you have your finger right next to the flash then it would reflect right back into the lens, using an old point and shoot, disposable camera.

I have since improved!!!! I began moving deeper into photography in 2006 and begun perfecting (and still am) my skills. My whole interest was motivated back then by creating something that others would love to look at. I knew that I wanted to see my images hung upon peoples walls, which to me is the ultimate flattery in this art.

My photography took a different turn and I went toward stock photography. This interested me greatly and I still enjoy shooting for stock imagery. However, my first interest was still eating at me and I wanted to be able to find an avenue to get my images onto walls of people who would appreciate them.

Here enters this opportunity at FAA. I have now found that new avenue, which has now sparked another interest in me.....Artistic Painting. This is a skill that I have not used in many years and will take some time to refine, but I will strive to do both mediums and possibly work in more (sketching, pastels and others).

So bare with me and I hope that you find interest in my works, so they will find a home amongst your homes.